Hiii guys, this is Sachin Patel from Jabalpur. When I started my business of restaurant, I was very much in stress for its marketing and promotions. I opted for various advertising agencies to get the best marketing options for my restaurant.

There were various options available for the advertising and marketing like Television ads, Magazine ads, Cinema ads, Radio ads etc. but there every time I found some limitations in each kind of ads like budget issues, targeted audience issues, Limited viewership then I came to know about tricycle advertising it’s the most cheapest way of advertising with unlimited viewership. As a local restaurateur I feel it was the best way of marketing for me and within no time, I contacted one of the best tricycle agencies and they provided me with the best possible marketing solution.

I got best results, people who loved to eat came to my restaurant and told me that they came to known about my restaurant through my tricyle advertising.

If feel tricycle advertising is very different from others of advertising in different ways like: -

  • Effective reach among 8 to 80 years olds.
  • Tricycles run minimum 20 km/8 hour in a day.
  • Cheapest mode of advertising.
  • Ads can be changed anytime according to your choice.
  • Average viewership of 5000 to 7000 per Tricycle.

So, the point is advertise smartly and choose smartly because advertising is the backbone of any business and I found tricycle advertising the best tool for marketing and advertising. I got best results out of it, that’s why I am sharing my experience with all of you guys. Thanks for reading my blog.